Weekly dances with bands are a great way to meet other senior singles.

Weekly dances with bands are a great way to meet other senior singles. Dancing couple: Ed Sehrt and Joyce Cunneen.

The North County Singles Club, a club for senior singles over age 50, has been around for more than 25 years. We get together for a variety of activities. If you like to dance, or want to brush up on your dancing skills, attend one of our Friday night-dances in Vista Elks Lodge where different live bands provide the music. The events include buffet dinners and are reasonably priced.


Number_5_20160823Or join the members and their guests in card games held in club houses. Shown here are a guest, Joe Clark and Wally O’Neil playing poker.


We are a non-profit club, and our yearly dues include a monthly newsletter and several special events for members only.

For information please contact Rose Benalcazar, VP Membership,e-mail fadfeb24@yahoo.com or cell (909) 319-2283. You can attend our events for 3 times as a guest and we hope you will join the club!

Our regular activities are:-

Dinner-dances at the Vista Elks every Friday

Flora Greeb & Lynne Nash

Flora Greeb & Lynne Nash

Chat and Chow at local restaurants
Wine & Cheese at private residences
Summer picnics at different places
Attending performances at Lawrence Welk or the Avo Playhouse
Short trips to interesting places
Annual Christmas lunch hosted by the club



We have members from:-

Connie Gentili, a guest and Amy Ingram

Connie Gentili, a guest and Amy Ingram

San Marcos
Valley Center

Trip to Julian

Trip to Julian. Savor their delicious apple pies and enjoy the beautiful country scenery around.


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